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Terms & Conditions
General Information and Booking Conditions
Information on booking conditions, payment options, cancellation terms, visa guidelines, cruise cancellation protection program, and more are listed below. In addition, to help you make the most of your cruise vacation, the cruise line's terms of carriage and complete information can be found in the cruise line brochure and/or at the website, and It is the sole responsibility of all guests and travel partners to familiarise themselves with the cruise lines terms and conditions which govern the cruise vacation.
Terms and conditions to note for people referring:
Travel Conditions for Cuba

Permitted travel to Cuba is generally classified into 12 categories. If a trip to Cuba meets all of the below mentioned requirements of one of these 12 categories, you are authorized by OFAC to travel under a "general license," meaning that you may travel without any additional government approvals.

The general license categories include:
  • Educational activities, including people-to-people travel
  • Educational activities, including people-to-people travel
  • Humanitarian projects
  • Religious activities
  • Professional research and meetings
  • Family visits
  • Official government business
  • Journalism
  • Public performances, clinics, workshops, exhibitions and athletic competitions
  • "Support for the Cuban people"
  • Activities of private foundations or research for educational institutes
  • Exporting or importing information or "information materials"
  • Travel related to some authorized export transactions

All guests regardless of country of residence will be required to meet one of the twelve general license categories while onshore in Cuba. Additionally, Indian guests must obtain an A-1 Visa to visit Cuba prior to their sailing
All guests traveling to Cuba must meet the requirements of one of the 12 categories of permitted travel authorized by the United States government.
However, the tour programs offered by Royal Caribbean are designed to meet the requirements.

Booking Terms

To book your chosen cruise vacation, contact your travel agent or call us. Please ensure the spelling of the guest name and date of birth in the reservation match as per the passport. Under security considerations, any variations can result in denied boarding at the pier. Once a reservation has been made, please check with your travel agent or the cruise line the time limit on your booking to make a payment as appropriate and reserve a stateroom.

Payment Terms

Deposit Payment on confirmation

Royal Caribbean international & Celebrity Cruises
No of Nights Deposit (Per Person)
1-5 Nights USD 100.00
6-9 Nights USD 500.00
10 + Nights USD 10000
Azamara Club Cruises:
No of Nights Deposit (Per Person)
All Products USD 550.00
Full Payment Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises:

Balance full payment is due on or before 60 days prior to scheduled sailing date. However, for 10+ night sailings and cruisetours full payment will need to be made 75 days prior to sailing date or cruisetour start date. For "Holiday" sailings (sailings over Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year), balance full payment is due on or before 90 days prior to sailing date.

Azamara Club Cruises: Balance full payment is due on or before 120 days prior to scheduled sailing date.

A choice of 3 payment options including

  • Payment in Indian Rupees at the prevalent rate of exchange via Cheque / Demand Draft / RTGS, should be made payable to "TIRUN Travel Marketing". RTGS* details are mentioned below..
  • Payment in US Dollars per RBI guidelines - Currency or Electronic Wire Transfer (USD account bank details available upon request). A service charge @0.25% will be applicable for US Dollar payments. For US Dollars Currency, the following guidelines will need to be followed:
    • Payment can be accepted in our offices only.
    • Copy of proof of purchase and passport of the guest is required at the time of making the payment. Amount of USD currency will be within RBI guidelines.
    • The guest must be physically present in our office while making the payment.
  • Payment by credit card - American Express, Mastercard & Visa. (The cruise line will be the merchant establishment)
Cruise Cancellation Protection Program Introducing new and exclusive ASSIST-CARD global assistance service

Starting at just USD 8 per person per day for the length of your cruise, guests can have the peace of mind and satisfaction that Assist Card will provide protection against loss of cruise fare due to cancellations any time prior to sailing or due to interruption of the cruise voyage itself, cashless medical services on board and more. Highlights of the program are listed in the attached document. For complete information on all that is included with limits of protection as applicable and for instructions for the proper use of the Assist-Card services, please visit:


USD 8.00 per person per day for guest up to 74 years of age inclusive
USD 12.00 per person per day for guests 75 years up to 90 years of age.

For optional per person cruise coverage of up to USD 10,000, additional coverage can be purchased in increments of USD 1000 as per premium amounts listed below.
Extra Premium Enhanced Cruise Portion Coverage
USD 40 USD 4,000
USD 50 USD 5,000
USD 60 USD 6,000
USD 70 USD 7,000
USD 80 USD 8,000
USD 90 USD 9,000
USD 100 USD 10,000
Cancellation Policy

You will receive a refund for your Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruise vacation if you notify us in writing 60 days prior to sailing date (75 days for 10+ Night sailings and cruisetours and 90 days for Holiday Sailings).For Azamara Club Cruises,please refer to the cancellation grid below. The cancellation date applies from the date your written notice of cancellation is received in our office. No refunds will be made if you do not show up for your cruise or if you interrupt or cancel your vacation once it has begun. The cancellation policy for your cruise (including cruise fare, NCCF and taxes/fees) are as set forth below Please see the chart below for exact details:

Royal Caribbean International and Celebrity Cruises
Itineraries Days Prior to Sailing Date Cancellation Charges (Per Person)
1 to 5 Nights
60 or more days No Charge
59 to 30 days Deposit Amount
29 to 08 days 50% of Total Price*
07 or less days No Refund
6 to 9 Nights
60 or more days No Charge
59 to 45 days Deposit Amount
44 to 15 days 50% of Total Price*
14 or less days No Refund
1 to 5 Nights
60 or more days No Charge
59 to 30 days Deposit Amount
29 to 08 days 50% of Total Price*
07 or less days No Refund
1 to 5 Nights
60 or more days No Charge
59 to 30 days Deposit Amount
29 to 08 days 50% of Total Price*
07 or less days No Refund
1 to 5 Nights
60 or more days No Charge
59 to 30 days Deposit Amount
29 to 08 days 50% of Total Price*
07 or less days No Refund
1 to 5 Nights
60 or more days No Charge
59 to 30 days Deposit Amount
29 to 08 days 50% of Total Price*
07 or less days No Refund
Azamara Club Cruises:
Applicable to all cruise products
year round
121 or more USD 25.00 per person
120-91 15% of total price*
90-61 50% of Total Price*
60-31 75% of Total Price *
30 or less days No Refund

*Or deposit amount, whichever is greater.
**Guests who convert their cruise tours to a cruise only booking within 42 days of the start date of the tour segment of the cruise tour will be subject to a cancellation charge. The amount of that charge varies depending on the location of the cruise tour and/or its length

Cruise Cost Includes

Shipboard accommodation as reserved and paid for, ocean transportation per itinerary, all meals, some non-alcoholic beverages available in vending machines (including, tea, coffee, lemonade and iced-tea), 24-hours Room Service*, and, recreation and entertainment as provided onboard. All guests have unlimited free access to almost all public areas on board the ship.

*On Royal Caribbean International, a $3.95 service charge will be applied for Room Service Light Snack orders between Midnight and 5:00 AM only. No service charge during the rest of the day 0501 hours to 2400 hours.

Cruise Cost Does not Include

The cruise vacation price does not include items of a personal nature, such as shore excursions, beverages, dining in the specialty restaurants, laundry, telephone calls, photographs, medical services, casino chips, onboard shopping, or other items not specifically stated as included in the cruise cost etc. These items may be purchased separately.

Visa Guidelines

Passport: A valid passport is required for travel. For your protection, we recommend that your passport expiration date does not occur within six (6) months of the sailing termination date.

it is the sole responsibility of the guest to make sure all travel documentation is in order prior to boarding the ship and entry into the countries visited on your cruise. Valid passport, appropriate valid visa and inoculation documents are required.Please familiarize yourself with the required travel documents you will be asked to provide prior to boarding the cruise ship. It is the sole responsibility of the guest to identify and obtain all necessary travel documents and have them available when necessary.

Visas: Please check with the embassy/consulate in your country of residence or country of origin whichever is applicable and make sure you have the required visas for all the countries you will be visiting while on the cruise. Proper visa documentation is the sole responsibility of the guest. If the travel documentation is not in order you will be denied boarding and no refunds will be given. For visa information, click here for Visa Guidelines.

On boarding, the passports of all passengers will be held by the Pursers Office for purposes of Immigration and Customs and be returned to passengers only on disembarkation at the end of the cruise.

Age Policy

Minor Policy For sailings embarking in USA and Canada, no guest younger than the age twenty"one (21) will be assigned to a stateroom unless accompanied in the same stateroom by an adult twenty"one (21) years old or older.

For sailings embarking in South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and New Zealand; no guest under the age of eighteen (18) will be booked in a stateroom unless accompanied by an adult eighteen (18) years or older.

A guest's age is established upon the first date of sailing. The adult 18/21 years or older does not have to be a parent or guardian. Adults who are not the parents or legal guardians of a minor child travelling with them are required to present the child's valid passport and visa and an original, notarized letter signed by at least one of the child's parents. The notarized letter from the child's parents must authorize the travelling adult to take the child on the specific cruise and must authorize the travelling adult to supervise the child and permit any emergency medical treatment that must be administered to the child. Connecting staterooms are counted as different staterooms for this policy. Certain other restrictions and conditions will apply; such as compliance with the age twenty-one (21) alcohol policy, and proof of marriage for underage couples.

Guarantee Stateroom

A 'Guarantee' means you are guaranteed the stateroom category of choice, however, the stateroom number is allocated at the discretion of the cruise line, anytime after full payment and or up to check-in. Please note that your stateroom could be allocated on any deck & may / may not have an obstructed view or be wheel chair accessible.

Gratuity Guideline

For those who served you well, gratuities are recommended per the following guidelines. If you wish you may opt to pre-pay gratuities along with the cruise fare at the time of Final Payment.

Royal Caribbean International: $ 13.50 per person per day for guests in staterooms , $16.50 per person per day for guests in suites

Celebrity Cruises: $12.95 per person per day for guests in staterooms, $13.45 per person per day for guests in concierge class and aqua class staterooms and $16.45 per person per day for guests in suites.

Azamara Club Cruises: Gratuities included

Note: Gratuities are voluntary and at the discretion of each guest. These guidelines serve as suggestions to help guests express their gratitude for the outstanding service they experience on their Royal Caribbean cruise vacation. Gratuities for other service personnel are at your discretion. A 18% gratuity will automatically be added to your bar bill or wine check when you are served.

Pregnancy Policy

Pregnancy Policy: The cruise line will not accept guests who have entered their 24th week of pregnancy by the beginning of, or at anytime during their cruise vacation. A physician's "Fit to Travel" note is required prior to sailing, stating how far along (in weeks) the guest's pregnancy will be at the beginning of the cruise and confirming that the guest is in good health and not experiencing a high-risk pregnancy.

Note: Booking confirmation and sailing are governed by the cruise lines terms of carriage and guest conduct policy. Complete details are available in the cruise lines current year brochures or on their website, , and The above are only some of the important points for your immediate reference and are subject to change without prior notice.

Online Check-In

With effect from 01 January 2001, the legislation requires the cruise line to pass onto the US immigration authorities, or other authorized bodies certain personal and other details relating to our passengers. You must provide the relevant details at the time of booking your cruise, or no later than 60 days prior to your departure, whichever is the later. This information includes certain personal information, passport, emergency contact, hotel/residential address while in the USA and insurance details. Please visit the cruise line websites, and and submit these details online. You will need to have your booking ID and date of sailing on hand, or if we have already received this information from you at the time of booking, please verify that the details we are holding are complete and accurate. If you fail to supply the details requested, both fully and accurately, you may be denied boarding your cruise ship. The cruise line will not accept any liability in this situation and will not pay you any compensation or make any refunds. For complete information, please refer to the cruise line brochures or visit their websites as indicated above.

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