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Hubbard Glacier, (Cruising)

This is the longest glacier at 75 miles long, 6 miles wide and towering to a height of an unbelievable 500ft! The Hubbard Glacier is currently advancing instead of retreating as most glaciers do, and the ice on it is more than 450 years old. The thickest parts are some 2000ft wide it is 350ft aver the waterline with 250 ft being submerged under. Gigantic, to say the least. Watch out for glacier 'calves' or pieces of ice that break away and fall into the sea! An amazing sight indeed!


Getting up close and personal with the 1350 ft of amazingly blue ice that can be seen from just about anywhere on the ship


Brace yourselves for some awesome sights of the Hubbard Glacier from the top deck of your cruise ship for the best views of the translucent blue ice of this glacier.


The average temperatures in early summer that is May are a reasonable 50F/10C degrees, with it warming up in July/August to 60E/15C. In September the temperatures start dropping, and the weather gets cold.

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