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Icy Strait Point, Alaska

Icy Strait Point in Alaska is a new cruise port created by cruise lines and the local natives. For the cruise lines it's a new destination, and the natives benefit by way of tourism that supplements their income. Fortunately the port hosts only one ship at a time, so you can be sure not to be overrun by hordes of people. Just 50 miles from Juneau is Icy Strait Point, a naturalist's dream come true with wildlife tours and whale watching to choose from. It is also the largest Tlinglit settlement and here you can experience is authentic native culture at its best.


There is a fully restored cannery that was first built in 1930, so do visit it if you would like a peak into history. Also have a meal at the little restaurant there - an old cookhouse that has been converted into a family style restaurant!


  • Take a flight tour of spectacular nearby Glacier Bay.
  • Go whale watching - after all this is the best place to do this! Whale watching tours take you to Point Adolphus that is Alaska's premier humpback whale watching destinations.
  • Learn more about the local people when you watch a the Tribal Dance & Cultural Legends Show
  • Get an insight on the Tlingit tribe at the village of Hoonah and discover the nuances of rainforest ecology. While you are at it, a lesson on the habits and character of the brown bear will prove to be interesting and who knows - you may even run into one!
  • Take a ride on the zip line - it's an exhilarating experience, to say the least!


Sample the King Crabs on the Cannery Docks or have some sumptuous freshly caught halibut at the old cookhouse at the cannery


Buy some Native handmade furs to take back home, or souvenirs made of wood.


The temperatures at the beginning of summer in May are in the region of 55F/13C and go up to 64F/17C by the time summer is in full swing in August.


US Dollar is the currency in use at Icy Strait Point.

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