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Tracy Arm Fjord, Alaska

If you want to gape at the towering Sawyer Glacier, the Tracy Arm Fjord is where you will have to go. This is a sliver of the ocean that snakes its way through the Tongass National Forest and affords breathtaking views of gushing waterfalls and the gleaming icy glaciers. The Tracy Arm narrow way is about 35 miles long, with nearly a quarter of its area covered in ice. It's an awesome sight to see the enormous chunks of ice break off into the waters. If you wonder why the icebergs are so blue here, it is because there are no bubbles in the ice and the glacial blue is a direct reflection of the light.This is scenic cruising at its best!


The experience of watching a 'calving' of the glacier- It's an awesome sight! The best thing about the calving here is that the ice remains intact and doesn't not crumble into pieces as it falls off. The size of the calved ice can be small as a medium sized tree to as huge as a ship!


  • Spend time on the deck and look out for the wildlife ashore. The ship sails close to the land and one can even spot a black bear or two.
  • This is the perfect place to see the harbor seals sunning themselves
  • Look out for bald eagles that swoop down the passage way and also the cream coloured mountain goats that you can sometimes sight at the base of the mountains, as you sail through.


It's pretty cold out here, even in the summer, so be sure to dress in layers and carry a windcheater at all times. Temperatures in May can be as low as 54F/12C and in July at the height of summer it can hover at 62F/16C. Beware of the wind chill factor, though. That's why the wind cheaters are important!

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