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Arctic Circle, Finland

The top of the earth, the region skirting the North Pole, the Arctic Circle is made up of thousands of islands, Scandinavia, Alaska, parts of Canada and Russia. It is an area of immense beauty, it is stark and it is rugged filled with unusual wildlife that you do not see anywhere else and interesting people. Like nothing else on earth, the Arctic Circle is unique and so whether you are looking at delving into some history, exploring unusual sights or meeting a lovely rare breed of people, the Arctic Circle has something for everyone and promises to be a once in a lifetime journey!


The Northern Lights! This is a natural phenomenon and a spectacular show in the sky when little or big streaks of orange, pink and green light up the sky leaving spectators in awe. It is also known as the aurora borealis and is an amazing sight if ever there was one.


  • Take in the Midnight Sun ' in summer solstice the sun never sets
  • As you ship glides through keep a look out for rare breeds of wild animals ashore. You may spot a polar bear or even an Arctic fox.

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