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Kotor, Montenegro

One of Europe's best kept secret Kotor in Montenegro packs a great punch when it comes to natural beauty, chic resorts and cultural heritage. A port of call on many cruise itineraries, Kotor is a destination steeped in history and tradition that offers panoramic scenic views. Your cruise ship will dock close to the Sea Gate of the Old Town, so it within walking distance and very convenient.


The Old Town is the most famous part of Kotor, is where all the tradition and culture of Kotor is well maintained and alive. Old Town a UNESCO World Heritage Site is surrounded by thick walls with monuments like the Tower Watch, Prince's Palace, Cathedral of Sveti Tripun and many more.


  • Walk along the walls of the Old Town - its tiring but well worth it!
  • The Bay of Kotor known as 'Boka' finds its place amongst the twenty five most beautiful bays in the world. Spectacular views, shimmering blue waters and a calmness you cant imagine!
  • This is a maritime town, so do pay a visit to the Maritime Museum, located inside Grgurina Palace - it traces the history of sailors who worked and explored the seas from Kotor


Everyone loves to buy a souvenir or reminder of their visit, so while in Kotor shop around for mementoes in the Old Town - woolies, carvings, lace and embroidery are the things you should be looking for here.


You may like to have lunch in the Old Town at La Pasteria. Its central place great for pizza, pasta and people-watching! If its seafood you like than the locals frequent Konoba Catovic Mlini - so go for it!


The months May, June, September and October have a balmy average temperature of between 22°C in May and going up to 32°C in August that is the hottest month. The driest month is July when there is little or no rainfall to play spoil sport.


The Euro is the currency used in Montenegro and credit cards are accepted too.

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