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Kusadasi, Turkey

The beautiful seaside town of Kusadasi on the Aegean coast is your gateway to Turkey and its most famous attraction Ephesus. When your cruise ship docks here spend at least half the day making that once in a lifetime trip to the ancient town of Ephesus and when you are back stroll along the beaches or pick up a bargain at the local market. Kusadasi has all the trappings of a tourist town and is a beautiful mix of the traditions and modernity, the old and the new.


A trip to the old city of Ephesus that once hosted the likes of Marc Antony and Cleopatra-it is the oldest outdoor museum and immediately transports you to a Greco-Roman world. The Temple of Artemis is a Wonder of the World and the Great Theatre has a seating capacity of 24,000 - it's an ancient excavated city just waiting to be explored.


  • Visit a hamam and indulge in a relaxing Turkish bath
  • Make a visit to the Temple of Artemis
  • A day trip to Selcuk - a charming place just 21 kms away and time permitting deserves a visit and you could make a day trip to Pamukkale to see the natural spas there.
  • If your ship is docked for the night, then do venture out to eat some mouth-watering kebabs and take in a belly dancing show


There are small bazaars right near the docks and you could venture there to pick up the usual knick knacks like the evil eye, ceramics, trinkets as also more expensive stuff like carpets and jewelry. The markets in the vicinity are the Grand bazaar (not as grand as the one in Istanbul!) and the Kusadasi bazaar - so do pay a visit.


Kebaps are a must try and they are available at every corner you turn. Shish kebabs, doners and mezes are the order of the day when in Kusadasi. Though it is a seaside town, fish is a bit on the expensive side, nevertheless it is fresh and so if you are fond of seafood it's a must try.


In May the start of summer temperatures are a pleasant 71F°/24C°, rising considerably at the height of summer in August when the can touch 90F°/33C°


The Turkish Lira is in use, though credit cards are normally accepted everywhere. If you need to change your travellers checks, please remember to do so on a weekday as banks may be closed over the weekend.

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