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Transpacific Cruise Packages

Sail across the mighty Pacific Ocean from Shanghai all the way to Seward in Alaska and on the way stop in at Japan, South Korea and some Russian ports. And then the great blue expanse of the ocean. Relax, unwind, soothe your senses in the spa on board and just enjoy!

Our cruises across the Pacific Ocean are an amalgamation of luxury, comfort and sightseeing. With breathtaking memories to take back home, this cruise is rejuvenation of both the body and mind. A collection of magnificent Trans-Pacific cruises with visits to exotic ports, Tirun's Vancouver cruises are vessels of paradise at sea.

Come aboard our cruises to discover some of the world's most unique, unexplored destinations. You can explore the diversity in cultures, and uncover their incredible past as you sail across this peaceful ocean with hands held high in calm and leisure. With activities galore for recreation and entertainment on board, the Vancouver cruise has something for everyone!

Transpacific Destinations:

When walking from the pier to the city center, look around and notice the stunning architecture around – be sure to look down too on the walk to the city center as the paving is as decorative and pretty as they come, and is bound to 'floor' you!

Jeju Island in South Korea has an amazingly wide range of tourist attractions - golden beaches, forested mountains and a semi-tropical climate. An extinct volcano, cascading waterfalls and lava formations make Jeju Island a favorite holiday destination.

Petropavlovsk in Russia has the distinction of being the second largest city in the world that is unreachable by road. It has a beautiful setting - on the one hand the sea and the rest surrounded by high mountains and volcanoes. The remoteness of this port does'nt take away from the tourist oriented activities. So go mountain climbing, see interesting museums and gamble at the casino.

Shanghai is the business hub of China. Swanky buildings tower over you in Pudong, but you can get a peek into Imperial China in the many museums. Dine on sea food and shop at Nanjing road. Shanghai is an experience you will never forget!

Harwich is a busy coastal town in Essex and just 69 miles from London. A port town Harwich has buildings of historical importance. The architectural heritage of the town qualifies it to be a conservation area, quaint and lovely.

Sapporo has a curious unhurried and un-crowded feel. Leisure locales, peaceful parks, a 17th century tea-house and a Beer Garden- you've left the frenzied pace and concrete jungle of Tokyo behind.

Tokyo is where modernity and the ancient live harmoniously in tandem. Busy Ginza Street with it shining neon lights and Shinto temples where age old traditions remain intact. Walk in the serene gardens, sample sushi and take a ride on the bullet train!

Vancouver is set in beautiful surrounding's mountains on three sides and water on the other. The beauty of Butchart Gardens will floor you, as will the multiculturalism nature of the city. Picture postcard perfect, Vancouver is known for its laid back attitude and will definitely seduce you.

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