Cruise Highlights

Cruise To Alaska

Must Dos :

  • Go on a whale watching trip
  • Take the narrow gauge train on the Yukon Route
  • View glaciers from a helicopter. Fantastic sight!
  • Ride a dog sled in Juneau
  • Fish for salmon and halibut off Sitka
  • For an adrenaline rush go zip-line!

Feast your eyes on the glorious icy vistas of Alaska, while soaking in the warmth of the glass-walled spa of our ships. Watch massive chunks of the glacier break and slide into the ocean with a thunderous roar, in what is perhaps one of the most awesome experiences in the world - which can only be experienced from the sea! We have also lined up some amazing cruisetours in Alaska for you, including an amazing Arctic adventure on the "Scenic Railway of the World". A helicopter ride to the spectacular Juneau Ice Field. A mountain-bike ride through the famous Inside Passage of Ketchikan. And a dogsled race across a glacier!

Best time to cruise

The best time to take a cruise to Alaska is from May through till September of any given year. But even in those months it really depends on what you are looking for. If you want to save a few dollars, book for May or September, that is the shoulder season. If travelling with children you will be limited to their school vacation times which are in June and July, and though prices may be a bit higher, the days are warmer and longer.

What to Pack

Pack such that you are able to wear layers of clothing as that is the best way to combat the weather - hot or cold!. The days may be pleasant or even warm, but the nights tend to get chilly and windy, so be sure to throw in a windcheater or two.


The best times to visit Alaska are between May and September when the weather is bracing. The average temperatures in May and September are around 55F/12C in the daytime and reaching a high of 70F/19C in peak summer months of July and August.


The US Dollar is the currency used here. Credit cards are welcome most everywhere too.


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