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Azamara Club Cruises

Here is some helpful information and answers to any questions that you may have regarding your cruise.

What is included in my cruise fare?

Your cruise fare includes your accommodation on board the ship, ocean transportation, all meals in the dining room, but excluding meals at the specialty restaurants on board for which there is a charge levied. Gratuities are pre paid and so included in your cruise fare and some select house wines that are served with lunch and dinner.

What if I am a single person travelling alone?

Azamara offers some great rates for solo travelers on select routes. A single guest who is not sharing the stateroom with anyone, can pay as little as 125% of the double occupancy fares. Ask us or your travel agent for more information on this.

How do I reserve my cruise?

To reserve a cruise on board an Azamara ship, please call your travel agent or TIRUN TRAVEL MARKETING. A deposit will be required depending on the day of booking and your sail date. Once the deposit has been received, you will receive a written confirmation.

What are the payment terms?

A deposit of USD 450 is required to secure your booking. The balance payment is due on or before 76 days prior to scheduled sailing date. If you are availing of a holiday sailing( over Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year), full payment will need to be made 90 days prior to sailing date.

What are the travel documents I will need?

Travel Documents

1. Do I need a passport?

All guests sailing on board an Azamara ship require a passport. Please make sure that your passport is valid for at least six months before the end of your voyage. Failure to have proper documentation papers may result in being denied boarding.

2. Will I require a visa for all the countries that we will visit on the cruise?

It is the responsibility of the guest to contact all the embassies/consulates of the countries you will be touching on your voyage and find out if you will require a visa based on your nationality.

3. What about vaccinations?

Again it is the guest's responsibility to check if vaccinations are required for entry to countries on their itinerary. In some cases especially if travelling to Africa, the yellow fever shot is mandatory. Be sure to have it well in advance and carry all documentation proof of the vaccinations you have had.

4. What if I have child who is not mine, travelling with me?

If you have a child sailing with an adult who is not a parent or legal guardian, please make sure you have a notarized letter from the parent of the child granting you permission to take the child with you. The notarized letter must grant permission to the accompanying adult to take the child on that specific voyage, also supervise the child and permit any medical treatment that may be required for the child.

What should I pack?

Packing tips

1. What is the dress code on board?

A cruise is supposed to be a vacation, so the dress code followed is "resort casual" that means casual , but smart clothes that are in keeping with the friendly yet sophisticated environment on board. It is requested that shorts, tank tops, baseball caps and bare feet be avoided in the main dining room as well as in the specialty restaurants. Formal attire is not required, but if you do choose to dress up, that is okay.

Women: Pack some casual dresses, pants and capris, blouses and tops. Cotton and linen clothes may be best. A silk blouse for the evenings and a light sweater is also appropriate. Swimwear and some sportswear for the fitness center and spa.

Men: Sports and polo shirts, shorts, trousers, and a sport coat if you like. Formal clothes like suits and tux not required. Swimwear should be included.

For nippy evenings, do pack in a light sweater and some gym clothes ! A pair of sneakers or rubber-soled shoes for deck sports will come in handy, when on onshore excursions, your clothing should be culturally appropriate for museums, restaurants and religious sites.

2. How much baggage am I allowed?

Depending upon the length of your cruise, please limit your large pieces of baggage to one or two pieces. Remember to pack one small overnight bag with your medicines and a change of clothing, as on the day you board, your baggage may take some time to reach your stateroom. Also be aware that on your last night at sea, your luggage will be collected by the ship's staff by midnight and kept ready for disembarkation, so you will be able to keep your small overnighter with you only.

Please make sure that all your baggage have name tags on them.

3. Is there anything that is prohibited to bring on board?
Please note that any kind of weapons and illegal drugs are strictly prohibited on board and will be confiscated. Please do not bring coffee/tea makers/ irons/ hot plates or any kind of martial arts gear. Surf boards and skateboards are also not permitted, as also candles and incense.

4. What about laundry and cleaning services on board?
All Azamara ships have a self operated laundry service available on board and this is free of charge. Detergent is supplied. Other than that if you want, there is a laundry service available for a charge.

What is the method of payment?

If you have made the booking through your travel agent, you can pay him. In case you would prefer to make your payment to TIRUN, there is a choice of 3 payment options including:

  • Payment in Indian Rupees at the prevalent rate of exchange via Cheque / Demand Draft / RTGS, should be made payable to "TIRUN Travel Marketing". RTGS* details are mentioned below.
  • Payment in US Dollars per RBI guidelines - Currency or Electronic Wire Transfer (USD account bank details available upon request). A service charge @0.75% will be applicable for US Dollar payments. For US Dollars Currency, the following guidelines will need to be followed:
    • Payment can be accepted in our offices only.
    • Copy of proof of purchase and passport of the guest is required at the time of making the payment. Amount of USD currency will be within RBI guidelines.
    • The guest must be physically present in our office while making the payment.
    • Payment by credit card - American Express, Mastercard & Visa. (The cruise line will be the merchant establishment)
  • Payment by credit card - American Express, Mastercard & Visa. (The cruise line will be the merchant establishment)
  • What is the cancellation policy for Azamara cruises
Applicable to all cruise products year round 76 or more 75-45 44-15 14 or less days No charge Deposit Amount 50 % of total price * No refund
Holiday Sailings 90 or more 89-45 44-15 14 or less days No charge Deposit Amount 50 % of total price * No refund

*Or deposit amount, whichever is greater.

Please let me know about the cruise insurance plan.

The Assist Card is a global assistance service for Azamara Cruises and provides protection against cancellation of the cruise before sailing and other factors. For complete information on all that is included with limits of protection as applicable and for instructions for the proper use of the Assist-Card services, please visit www.assist-card/cruiseassist/


For per person cruise coverage up to USD 3000, applicable premium amount is as under:
USD 7.00 per person per day for guest up to 74 years of age inclusive USD 11.00 per person per day for guests 75 years up to 90 years of age.

For optional per person cruise coverage of up to USD 10,000, additional coverage can be purchased in increments of USD 1000 as per premium amounts listed below.

Extra Premium Enhanced Cruise Portion Coverage
USD 40USD 4,000
USD 50USD 5,000
USD 60USD 6,000
USD 70USD 7,000
USD 80USD 8,000
USD 90USD 9,000
USD 100USD 10,000