Azamara Club Cruises reaps high praises for its ultra luxurious trips and sweeping destinations, for upscale cabins, and the experiential travel opportunities it offers to discerning travelers who long to reach unusual destinations with unparalleled service and amenities on the high seas. A boutique cruise line, Azamara has two ships - Azamara Journey and the Azamara Quest, both of which sail to more than 200 ports across 70 countries athwart Europe and Asia and focus on Destination Immersion by offering passengers longer stays, more overnights and even night touring of the ports of calls.

Delivering a world-class deluxe cruise experience, these luxury cruises are made for true lovers of voyages, and take you to very unique destinations such as Marseille, Crete and Amalfi. While the places it takes you to may be amazingly extraordinary, you'll find life on deck greatly reviving. With a limited guest capacity on Azamara Club Cruises, individual attention is observable. From delectable cuisines to unmatched amenities, your voyage will be one an experience to remember and even ring merry about. While the ship is docked at various ports, you can also choose to explore the shores, their food and cultures. So, hop on and get ready to experience what's called the vacation of a lifetime.

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