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A tapestry of history, culture, architecture, museums, breath taking sceneries and quaint towns with old world charm await you in Europe. Explore the beautiful Mediterranean with Spain, Italy and Greece on your itinerary and then head up to north Europe where majestic palaces and gardens of Russia are juxtaposed with the fjords of Scandinavia. A cruise vacation to Europe is definitely a feast for the senses!

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    Purchase a Save Venice booklet and indulge in an exciting treasure hunt in some of the city's most surprising venues.

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    Explore Belgium’s riveting World War I history in the town of Ypres, as you tour its war museum

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    Discover Rome's fascinating history at St.Peter's Bascilla- the scared church in Vatican city and don't miss to throw a coin in to the Trevi Fountain

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    Get flown with the mesmerizing masterworks of Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi throughout Barcelona.

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    Lose yourself in Amsterdam's Canal Belt

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    Immerse yourself in the culture of wine within the inviting atmosphere of our Cellar Masters, offering an opportunity to try a bold collection of wines from around the world on board Celebrity Cruises

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    Unwind in your own cabana-styled haven, The Alcoves. Enjoy stunning views of the lawn and sea; complimentary fresh fruit plate, hand-held fans, chilled towels, and all-day use of an ipad.

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    Experience the incredible, gorgeous art of glassblowing with intimate live demonstrations - The Hot Glass Show in the middle of the ocean

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    Sit back and watch Broadways smash hit, Grease the Musical only on Royal Caribbean International

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    Indulge your child in a fun filled and interactive summer holiday at our exclusive Teen Lounge

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The list is long, but here are some that should definitely be on your list: the Acropolis in Athens, the Coliseum in Rome, the Hermitage in St. Petersburg amongst many other sites!


Pizzas in Italy, borscht in Russia, salmon in Norway, wine in France, cheese in Amsterdam and paella in Barcelona.


If you are going on a cruise in Europe, it will probably be in the months between May and October. Spring is just about giving way in summer in May - the weather is still bracing and so will need to carry some light weight jacket and clothing, and as the months go on the sun gets hotter so southern Europe and the Mediterranean can get a bit warm - cool cotton clothing will do now, but evenings can see temperatures drop. Walking shoes are a must as there is plenty of walking to be done here.


The Euro is the currency of the European Union. In Russia it is the ruble, in Turkey the Turkish Lira, Norway it is the Krone, and the Kuna in Croatia.