Cruise Tours

A cruise tour combines the cruise as well as a land tour. In short, the best of both - on land and at sea. Many cruise liners offer a land tour in combination with cruise to Alaska, South America and European countries. The land-based component of your cruise tour can be taken either pre or post the cruise, whatever is convenient for you.

This is a wonderful way of further exploring the country you are visiting on your cruise and best of all you don't have to do the planning. The cruise company's experienced staff will take care of all your bookings, itineraries and sightseeing trips.

A knowledgeable Tours Director will not only plan your activities, but will also give you time on your own to explore if you so wish. The flights, hotels and all expeditions are planned with the utmost care and are in keeping with the cruise company's signature style, to make this foray an extension of your cruise experience.

Let the cruise company take care of all the arrangements. You sit back, relax and enjoy the trip.