Shore Excursions

Make the most of every port you visit! On board the ship you will be pampered and looked after, have great dining experiences, plenty of activities to keep you busy, as also relaxing spa treatments to rejuvenate your body and soul - but it doesn't end there. When you dock at a port, take a shore excursion that is designed to suit your need.

The carefully planned shore excursions are planned around varied interests and levels of activity. So whether you are an art and history buff, museum enthusiast or a wine aficionado - there is bound to be a shore excursion that will be of interest to you. If you are the kind who is adventurous and want an invigorating experience or just want a relaxed sightseeing trip while ashore there will surely be a shore excursion to suit the level of activity that you are comfortable with.

All the shore excursions are led by knowledgeable guides who will give invaluable insights to the places of interest of the port you are visiting. Some excursions offer overnight stays, so you have more time ashore. The shore excursions are very popular with the ship's guests and the popular ones get filled up fast. Please do make sure you pre-book your chosen excursions to avoid last minute disappointment.