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  • Booking Window: (Start and End date): August 2nd – 4th then extended August 5th to 7th
  • Applicable Products: Sailings 9/1/19 – 3/31/20; All stateroom categories. 

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Core “Summer Black Friday” Offer Elements:

  • 4 Perks Included – Premium Beverage Pkg, Unlimited Internet, Free Gratuities, $150 p/p OBC (1st/2nd Guest Only)

Cruise Fare Savings Per Person (1st/2nd Guest Only) 

    1. USD$200 per pax Savings – Inside, Outside, Veranda, Concierge Class, Aqua Class Staterooms
    2. USD$250 per pax Savings – Suites

2019 Holiday Sailings - Cruise Fare Savings Per Person (1st/2nd Guest Only)

    1. USD$400 per pax Savings – Inside, Outside, Veranda, Concierge Class, Aqua Class Staterooms
    2. USD$500 per pax Savings – Suites
  • 50% Reduced Cruise Fare for (3rd/4th/5th) guests in triple, quad, family staterooms  
  • NonRefundable Deposit
  • Booking Window: (Start and End date): August 2nd – 4th then extended August 5th to 7th
  • Applicable Products:   Sailings 9/1/19 – 3/31/20; All stateroom categories.
Booking Instructions for NonRefundable Deposit Offer:  The below promo names will automatically pop up for the Non-Refundable Deposit offer. Choose all that apply. (Only applicable to sailings outside of final payment.)
Promo Type Description Promo Name
Non Refundable 4 Perks Non Refundable Deposit/Premium Beverage,OBC,Grats,Wifi 4PERK SAIL NRD
Non Refundable 50% Off 3rd/4th Guest Cruise Fare Non Refundable Deposit HALF T4 NRD
Non Refundable Sail Now double Saving for Holiday Sailing Non Refundable SAIL NOW HOL NRD
Non Refundable Sail Now Saving of up to $250 Non Refundable SAIL NOW SAV NRD
  • Amenity Values -

    Based on a 12- night sailing and two guests in a Suite.
    • Free Gratuities – Value $432 per stateroom ($18.00 per person/per day in a Suite)
    • Onboard Credit – Value $300 per stateroom
    • Unlimited High Speed Internet Package – Value $598 per stateroom (Based on the following rates $199 per person for 9 nights or less,  $299 per person for 10 nights or longer)
    • Premium Beverage Package – Value $1987.20 per stateroom ($1656 + 20% Gratuities $331.20)
      ($69 per person/per day, plus 20% gratuities)
    • Four Perks – Value $3,317 per stateroom

Terms and Conditions for Celebrity NRD prices :

1.       What am I responsible to tell a guest who is interested in booking a non-refundable fare?

Guests/travel partners should be advised that the deposit is non-refundable from the time deposit is received and/or booking is placed in “BK” status. Any changes to the ship and/or sailing date will require a $100 USD per person change fee. After the Final Payment date, normal penalty policy applies and no change fees will be assessed.  

2.       Is the option to extend the time limit is available for these bookings?

             Standard option extension guidelines will apply

3.       Will guests be able to take advantage of reduced deposit offers (If the promotion comes)?

Bookings made under NRD requires full deposit.

4.       Can a guest move from a non-refundable fare to a refundable price?

 Guests can move from one to another, but once a non-refundable deposit program is selected, the booking retains the deposit amount in penalty no matter what other price is chosen. Additionally, if a guest moves from a non-refundable fare to a refundable fare, they would lose any “savings” or promos associated with the non-refundable fare – reassessed if they qualify for other promos  that was being added as part of the non-refundable rate

5.       How will name changes to a booking be affected if the booking has a non-refundable fare?

As long as one name on the booking remains the same, there is no change fee or penalty impact. Only if the booking is cancelled, or goes below the original occupancy will the nonrefundable deposit penalty be withheld.

6.        What is the process/policy for bookings with a Non-Refundable Program that change ship and sailing date?

 Regardless of if the change generates more revenue, the change fee of $100 USD must be added. This change fee option code will only be applied if they are changing ship/date.

 No change fee if moving to another cat on same sailing, or re-pricing on same sailing.

7.        If a booking with a Non-Refundable Program cancels after the final payment, within the normal deposit penalty, will they still receive the FCC for the deposit less the $100 USD per person service fee?

After final payment date, normal cancellation penalty schedules apply. No FCC’s will be issued.

8.   What is the process of issuance of FCC’s

FCC will be issued on a weekly basis as the cancellation is processed.
FCCs will go to the email address on file.