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Celebrity Cruise Offer

Type of Promotion: Tiered OBC for ALL Guests

Duration of Promotion: 11/1 – 12/18/19

Applicable Products:

      o Sailings departing 01/02/20 – 05/03/21

Core Offer Elements:Onboard Credit – All guests, including additional guests in a stateroom (beyond the first two)

      o USD$100 per person OBC – ALL stateroom categories (inside, outside, veranda, Concierge Class, AquaClass®)
      o USD$200 per person OBC – suites

  • Full standard deposit schedule

Evergreen Promo Elements:

  • Suites Four Perks Included: First two guests in a suite each receive: Premium Beverage Package, unlimited Wi-Fi, prepaid gratuities, $150 to spend on board
  • 50% Reduced Cruise Fare for additional guests (3rd/4th/5th) in triple, quad, family staterooms
        o Sailings departing through open deployment (05/03/21)
        o Applies to all stateroom categories: Inside, Outside, Veranda, Concierge Class, Aqua Class and Suites.
  • Free Gratuities
        o $14.50 per person/per day | Inside, Outside, or Veranda
        o $15.00 per person/per day | Concierge Class or Aqua Class
        o $18.00 per person/per day | Suite
  • Onboard Credit – Value $300 per stateroom
  • Unlimited High-Speed Internet Package
        o $199 per person for 9 nights or less
        o $299 per person for 10 nights or longer
  • Beverage Packages
        o Classic Beverage Pkg - $59 per person/per day
        o Premium Beverage Pkg - $69 per person/per day
Terms and Conditions :

Applicability for Pricing with Refundable Deposit

  • Choice of the following price points:
        o Lowest Available Cruise Fare (w/ Non-refundable Deposit)
        o Two Perks Included (w/ Refundable and Non-refundable Deposit)
        o Four Perks Included (w/ Refundable and Non-refundable Deposit)
  • New bookings, existing bookings must be adjusted to prevailing rates and be outside of final payment to qualify for the 'Sail Your Way' Offer.
  • Offer is combinable with Group Standard Rates.
  • If 3/4th group rates are not prevailing rates, 50% off discount will be applied via special faring.
  • FIT bookings can be transferred to a Group.
  • Group bookings that are named prior to the Offer Period cannot be cancelled and rebooked under this Offer.
  • Perks offer for 1st and 2nd guests is applicable to the cruise portion of Alaska Cruisetours.
  • Applicable Markets: All markets that would like to participate.