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JustCruise JustClick, Photography Contest
Just Cruise Just Click
JustCruise JustClick, Photo Contest

All you need to do is post either of these two:
Post five pictures of the best moments from your cruise adventure. Whether it's a picture of you busting out your silliest dance moves on the Pool Deck or getting an adrenaline rush on the Zip Line, pick the top five snaps and send them in.
Two 30-40 sec video shots while on board the cruise ship. We want to see you and your family having a blast. So go ahead and take a video of yourself soaking in the sun, or of the fam enjoying their favourite delicacies at Windjammer or simply chilling out together while enjoying their favourite musical. Spot the perfect moment, hit the record button and show us what you got.

Participating in #JustCruiseJustClick is as easy as taking a picture!
All it takes is a few simple steps:

Capture your favourite cruise moments onboard Royal Caribbean.


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